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The family behind Lil'Bella Pasta and La Bella Pasta Sauces have a respect for time honoured, Italian traditions. These traditions have continued since the early 1900's, passing on their families love and respect for good, wholesome food from generation to generation. As a result the range provides an authentic Italian experience that is true to how a real Italian pasta and pasta sauce should taste.

All the Lil' La Bella magic begins in the Abruzzo region of Southern Italy where a respect for time honoured, Italian traditions continue.  The Abruzzi remains a well protected region of Italy with vast national parks and reserves. But whilst the Abruzzi has grown - many things have remained the same with the locals passion for food, and steadfast hold in honouring past traditions in food production unchanged. Here time is of little importance. What is important is the quality of the end product.

Experience true and authentic Italian flavours with our blessed range of pasta and pasta sauces, for an authentic Italian night the whole family can enjoy.


Simply heat, serve and enjoy!  



'La Bella Buon Appetito' is for all day, every day.

La Bella Buon Appetito includes all your saucy favourites including Traditional, Tomato + Basil, Spicy Tomato, Bolognese, Napoletana and an authentic Rustica Passata. Whilst the price might be low your not compromising on quality with the range made from all natural ingredients that are slow cooked to intensify the flavour of the sauce. Simply heat for 6 minutes and serve - Ciao Bella!


'Ciliegino' for the fanciest sauce in town.

La Bella Ciliegino is made from the sweetest tasting Ciliegino tomatoes that are unique to Italy and world famed for the sweet character they lend to Italian cuisine.

A premium pasta sauce range that includes the flavour sensations of Sweet Cherry, Classic Tomato + Basil and (for those that like a little heat) Spicy Tomato. As with our Buon Appetito range, these sauces are slow cooked and all natural with no added sugars, no artificial flavours, colour or preservatives. 


We're bringing back the REAL Italy to the pasta aisle.

Lil'Bella Traditional Pasta is hand made the Italian way in the Abruzzo region of Southern Italy using the highest quality, durum wheat semolina and unchanged production methods that are in accordance with exact, time honoured traditions. To this day Lil'Bella Pasta is still made by artisan hand and produced in small batches. These traditional pastas are extruded through bronze-dies and desiccated at a low temperature. The process providing the perfect tasting pasta that has a rough texture to help with the absorption of the pasta sauce in promising an authentic pasta experience. 


With this in mind it’s no wonder that Lil'Bella Pastas pair perfectly with the La Bella pasta sauce range for a true taste of Italy - Bellissimo!